Coming Fall of 2018 "The Secrets of Willow Springs" by Tracy Fredrychowski


Becky's Quilt: The Amish Quilts of Indiana

Sewing love one stitch at a time.

Becky Eicher is excited to be taking over Annie's job at the fabric shop in Shipshewana, Indiana. In fact, she's surprised that her parents agreed to let her have a job that is away from the farm. But she finds it exciting to meet new people. That is until she meets Steven Raber who works at the lumberyard. He's very forward and keeps stopping by to visit with her. Becky has no interest in him, especially since he is not a farmer. 

But as she gets to know him, she begins to learn that first impressions are not always correct. 

Is it possible that her preconceived notions were wrong?

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